The Premier Training Facility for LA County CrossFit Whittier is the Original and first CrossFit facility to come to Whittier. Est in 2011, sister gym of CF Brea Est. 2008, sets the standard in experience and coaching.
The Original CrossFit Facility of Whittier Our facility is over 5,500 square feet and is built of sweat and dedication. When you decide to walk through our doors you should come ready to work.
Challenge yourself... CrossFit Whittier is not your typical gym. It is a community of support, education, and encouragement that will help you achieve your fitness goals.
More than a gym, we are a community! By surrounding yourself with a community of friends and like-minded individuals who will encourage, motivate and hold you accountable, you will achieve your fitness goals.
Knowledgeable & Supportive Staff Let our staff educate you on diet, technique and recovery methods.
Class Times CrossFit Whittier offers fifty-nine classes weekly and is open seven days. Come spend one hour with us and see what getting in shape is all about.
  • Sundays


    Sundays weight lifting class is still growing every week! I strongly encourage you guys to come in and give it a try. Its a great opportunity to learn new skills for each lift such as the split jerk, snatch and clean. It is one full hour of pure technique work and a great opportunity to see others lift. If you have been struggling with any lifts, please come in and give it a try guys I promise you, you won’t regret it.



  • Endapaleo Pre-Cooked Meals

    This is a post from Wes in regards to the Endapaleo pre-cooked meals that will be coming to CF Whittier. Many of you are becoming more equipped with knowledge as far as diets go during our 90 day challenge.  We have been posting information on diets on the blog and have even seen some of you return to our nutrition day during fundamentals. It’s all good stuff, and all the diets have merit.  What often makes or breaks the success of the a diet is in the preparation.  We fall off track not because we don’t know what to eat, but because we don’t have time to get it, prep it, cook it, etc.  We now have another option for you that can help with this specifically. In our last email we included information about a company called  They prepare fresh Paleo meals and will be delivering them weekly to our gym.  They have several options and the menu changes weekly.  So what this means is that you can order a bunch of meals that you know fit your plan, and then you can eliminate the guess work for when you need to prep it.  If you haven’t seen the email please check it out or go to their website.  We have freezers here now to keep them cold for you once they are delivered. Good Luck!


  • Member Spotlight: Johnson Chea

    Name: Johnson Chea

    Age: 28

    Occupation: Logistics

    Length of membership: 1 year, 10 months

    Johnson is a familiar face around the CFW gym. You can come in most afternoons and see him hard at work. And not just during classes. He shows up sometimes 45 minutes early to begin stretching and warming up, and just getting extra work in. He sticks around after class to cool off and find even more extra work. He has made a point of not only making the most of his time here, but of sharing this place with others, bringing in co-workers and friends that are now members as well. And the reason he’s been able to convince those others to come in is simple: he has been achieving goals and making positive changes in his life, and others want what he has.

    Since joining, Johnson as lost a total of 60 pounds, over 18 of that in the last 3 months alone. But he isn’t satisfied. His goal is to eventually enter the 100 lb club, all while continually improving his technique, strength and speed. But on a more personal level, his goals are deeper. He wants “to show people you can start from the bottom and still motivate others while progressing.” This is a guy that embodies the principles that we at CFW hold most dear. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your level is when you come in, it is about pushing yourself to be the best version both inside and out that you can be.

    “When I started, I couldn’t even run around the building without having to stop. Improvement is growing from every physical aspect,  from body to strength.” Johnson has lost 14″ around the waist. Today, he saw a new PR on his clean, hitting 185 lbs. “[CFW] has made me mentally stronger, whether I have to dig deep to get through a work out, or expand my mind with my eating habits, making better decisions with what goes into my body.”

    Johnson is a great example of the determination that it takes to truly attain results. Having goals isn’t enough unless you put in the work to achieve them, and that work happens throughout every day, not just while you’re in the gym. And most importantly, as Johnson said, “understanding it is okay to fail, as long as you get back up.”


    Johnson Chea: Role Model

    Johnson Chea: Role Model

  • Hump Day


    630pm Ladies Lunging




  • Acid-Alkaline Diet

    The typical American diet is full of acid-promoting foods like meat, dairy, and refined carbs. The Acid Alkaline Diet theory is that these foods create an acidic environment in your body, which is bad for you. By eating foods that make your body more balanced, you could potentially lose weight and avoid problems like arthritis, cancer, type 2 diabetes, kidney and liver damage, etc. Sounds great, right?! But does it work?

    Get nerdy with me. Let’s talk science.

    A pH level measures how acidic or alkaline something is.

    A pH of 0 – totally acidic

    - your stomach is very acidic at 3.5 or below

    A pH of 7 – just neutral (pure water)

    - your body is slightly alkaline between 7.35 and 7.45

    A pH of 14 – completely alkaline

    The alkaline diet supposedly helps your body maintain its blood pH level. However, your body is constantly working to maintain that level on its own, nothing you eat is going to substantially change the pH of your blood.

    So why does it work for people?

    The foods on the alkaline diet are good for you (fruits, veggies, and water galore). And it recommends avoiding unhealthy processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. Sound similar?

    Some alkaline promoting foods include: raisins, spinach, bananas, celery, carrots, apricots, potatoes, cauliflower, radishes, cherries, tomatoes, green beans, hazelnuts, zucchini, red wine, apples, watermelon, mineral water, broccoli, asparagus, honey, and even draft beer.

    As always do your research and see if this could be a good fit for you. -Rach

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