The Premier Training Facility for LA County CrossFit Whittier is the Original and first CrossFit facility to come to Whittier. Est in 2011, sister gym of CF Brea Est. 2008, sets the standard in experience and coaching.
The Original CrossFit Facility of Whittier Our facility is over 5,500 square feet and is built of sweat and dedication. When you decide to walk through our doors you should come ready to work.
Challenge yourself... CrossFit Whittier is not your typical gym. It is a community of support, education, and encouragement that will help you achieve your fitness goals.
More than a gym, we are a community! By surrounding yourself with a community of friends and like-minded individuals who will encourage, motivate and hold you accountable, you will achieve your fitness goals.
Knowledgeable & Supportive Staff Let our staff educate you on diet, technique and recovery methods.
Class Times CrossFit Whittier offers fifty-nine classes weekly and is open seven days. Come spend one hour with us and see what getting in shape is all about.
  • 05-22-15

    CaitEvery 90 Sec for 12 min ( 8 sets)
    2x ( Clean Pull + Hang Clean)
    * Build over the 8 sets

    Cal Row
    Ball Slam
    -KB Rack Carry Island after each set

    M @53/44
    W @35/26

  • 05-21-15

    CFW-5Push Press
    5×3 find a max triple

    Three sets of:
    Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 each @ 95/65
    -rest 30 sec
    KB Snatch x 8 each @ 53/44 -35/26
    -rest 30 sec
    Tempo Dips x 8 (3 sec down)
    -rest 30 sec
    Strict T2B x 8
    -rest 30 sec

  • 05-20-15

    miguel49In teams of two, with only one person working at a time, complete:

    100 x BB Thrusters (45/35)
    Garden Run
    80 x KB Swings (53/35)
    Garden Run
    60 Burpees
    Garden Run
    80 x KB Swings
    Garden Run
    100 x BB Thrusters
    *Both athletes perform the run at the same time.

  • 05-19-15

    MARY303Every 90 Sec for 12 min (8 sets)
    Snatch x 1.1

    2000 M Row
    50x Pull Up
    1000 M Row
    25x Pull Up

  • 05-18-15

    1×5 @ 60%
    2×3 @ 70-80%
    5×1 @85%

    5 sets
    7x Bear Complex
    - rest 90 seconds

    *complete sequence seven times without dropping bar.
    May add weight for every successful attempt.

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